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Keep an eye out here, for my rebuilt site… in the meantime here’s a couple of videos

This is a video I put together for Veterans Day 2010, using a song I wrote in 2003.

Thank you to all our veterans, past, present, living, and deceased.

Fred Black: vocals and guitars
Jonathan Gunter: bass

In the video are photos and video of:
Boyd Black (my Father, 1930 — 2009, Army, Korea)
Clyde Kirkman (my Grandfather, 1915 — 1989, Army, WWII)
Wayne Kirkman (my Uncle, Air Force, Vietnam)
L.B. (Lacy Banks) Owen (best friend’s dad 1928 — 2009, Navy)

Two local heroes:
CW2 Josh Flynn 1979 — 2007 (Army, Black Hawk Pilot Killed in Iraq)
Lance Cpl. Roger Hager 1989 — 2009 (Marine, Killed in Afghanistan)

Also pictured:
Captain Corry Tyler, Killed in Iraq 2007
Joe Melka pictured with my Grandfather during WWII
CW2 Josh Flynn’s father and son are in the video as well

Healin’ Stream Of Love written by Larry Gatlin. Performed 11-16-2014 at Macedonia Lutheran Church, Burlington, NC by Fred Black